- Sale of New Engine Stands
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# 1 bearing inner and outer nuts wrenches, T handle. Bearing, lab seal and air seal Puller. Pusher.
2 - I/R & O/R nuts wrenches, T & round handles. Pullers for BRG’s and all seal.
Bearing and all seals pusher. O/R nut riveter.
3 – I/R & O/R nuts wrenches, T handle, pullers for bearings and seals,
fixture for # 3 demountable type, pushers for bearings and seals.
4 – I/R & O/R nuts wrenches, T and round handles, puller for bearing and all seal,
O/R riveter, and pusher for all bearings and seals.
4 ½ O/R nut Wrench, N2 coupling Wrench to remove HPT and T handle.
5 - I/R & O/R Nuts wrenches, T handle, pullers for all bearing and seals,
pusher, fixture for #5 housing, HPT shaft separator fixture.
LPT Removal wrench for STG2 & 3, T handle, #6 BRG puller and pushers,
 4 ½ I/R nutT-4 disk Puller, Bazooka puller and pushers.
N-2 lifting eye, C-7 Disk Puller, C-8 integral or separable puller, and knocker to remove all other disks.
Engine Front & rear lifting eye, Diffuser lifting eye, Air ratchet with spare, 2 Torque multipliers.
Hydraulic pump for pullers, general lifting eye, and rear 3 half-moon for rear hot section fixture.
N-2 compressor/ Hot section Dissy and Assy car, hot section lifting fixture.
OEM Replacement Parts/ Refurbished and Inventory.
We Offer OEM and Replacement Parts for all make and models of Stands.

- WE Sell OEM Casters

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